A Model of Sustainability
Mauka a Makai

Molokaʻi Hawaiʻi


Our Mission and Vision

Ka Honua Momona (KHM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, based on the island of Molokai. KHM’s mission is to be a model of sustainability mauka a makai (from the mountains to the sea). We seek to foster connections between all aspects of the island ecosystem, including the people and culture, and we firmly believe that Molokai can again return to abundance and become a self-sufficient model for others. Our primary long-term goals are to: 1) Develop indigenous education systems by revitalizing natural and cultural resources; 2) Perpetuate traditional knowledge and stewardship while evolving with modern technology.

About Us!

Our Theory of Change

If you picture a kupuna (wise elder) sewing a Hawaiian throw net, he starts with a maka (an eye) and slowly, but steadily, connects the aho (rope) until he has made enough rows of connections to form an entire net. We believe that participants of our programs go through a similar, iterative process, by experiencing each of our five core principles as many times as is necessary to gain the wisdom of our kupuna.

Programs of Sustainability

Contact Us

E Komo Mai! Address:Ka Honua Momona International @ Ali`i Fishpond 1820 Kamehameha V HWY Kaunakakai,Hawaii 96748